Biodegradable Plastic Molding

MSM STAMPI has always paid great attention to innovation in the plastic and thermoplastic sector, especially when it involves something that may regard important developments for the circular economy. The ever-increasing offer of recycled and biodegradable plastics and bioplastics provides many application possibilities in different industrial and consumer sectors.

These materials behave differently to traditional plastic and for this reason, it is important to carefully analyze the biodegradable plastic molding process. For several years now, MSM STAMPI has been studying the bioplastic molding process in order to optimize its handling and the final result.

Valid alternatives to plastic: with MSM STAMPI you can!

PLA, Lignin Base, Cellulose Base, Grain Base: these are just some of the materials that the company has already studied and tested so far as part of our Research and Development project. Do you have any new ideas? Contact us, we will help you to develop them!