Overmolding and Co-molding

Overmolding is an injection molding process during which an item is molded in two subsequent stages using two different materials. Overmolding offers excellent adhesion between different materials and eliminates the need to assemble them manually.

By studying the thermoplastic material’s hardening and cooling times and paying attention to the type of pressure applied, MSM STAMPI can help you create your product, ensuring high quality and excellent aesthetic results.

Sheared sheets

Shearing elements

Overmolding with metal inserts

Threaded inserts in both molding and ultrasound

Overmolding and Co-molding design

Although overmoulding requires particular design, more complex processing and a more careful choice of materials than injection molding, it offers significant advantages: for example, different materials can be combined which often leads to more resistant and durable items, or assembly phases can be eliminated, thus limiting the relative costs. Contact us to find out more.