Injection and thermoplastic mold construction

Our operators receive continuous training in the use of our high-quality machinery and tools so that MSM STAMPI is able to produce different types of plastic injection and thermoplastic molds suitable for small, medium or large-sized plastic items including customized or particularly complex molds.
Over the years, we have become top-rate specialists in the construction of small and medium-sized molds. We are well able to build molds for Babyplast or Megatech up to a maximum size of 1200x800 mm.

From pilot molds to multi-cavity molds

Low cost mold solutions with Meusburger FW-Change system with quick-change system

Hot runner injection systems

Valve gate injection systems

Hot-Half injection systems

Molds with sliding blocks

Molds with inclined rods

Molds with collapsible core

Unscrewing molds

Flip top cap molds with automatic press locks

Multi-version molds with quick-change system in the press

Do you have a particular idea?
Let's design it together!

Our experience in the mold construction sector means that we can help you in the initial stages of mold design and study. Contact our technical office for a consultation.