Our certifications

MSM STAMPI not only deals in mold construction and plastic and metal molding, it also guarantees solutions and a high-quality service.

MSM STAMPI’s entire production process is UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified. In 2019 we were also awarded the PRS Green Label for controlled reuse and shared usage of CP type pallets for the European polymer sector.

In addition to the above certifications, MSM STAMPI features a series of distinctive elements that make the company a reliable and constant partner over time.


Corporate organization with well-defined roles among staff and departments.

The second generation, flanked and supervised by the senior founding partners, is currently in charge of the company’s management.

Skill interchangeability, a high productivity percentage, limited staff turnover due to new recruitments over the last ten years.

Certification and product documentation traceability over the last ten years.

Modern departments and continuous investments in technology even during the recession years.

Good capitalization, solid company and corporate profitability, with a consequent and constant growth in turnover in the last five years.

High percentage of loyal customers.

Full in-house design and construction consultancy, from the idea to the product.

Support in defining and studying the most suitable materials for the producing the customer's project.

Constant updates on new generation materials, including biodegradable solutions, in order to always be in line with the latest market trends.

After-sales support and assistance.